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To encourage, inspire, and offer personalized support to you if you are
setting up a new library.

To provide direction, new ideas and education in organizing, promoting, and maintaining your library, especially if you have no previous library experience.

To help you respond to trends in resources and technology.

To support you in promoting a Christian ethic in your library.

To provide you with a local support network in areas where chapter membership is available.



To further the Gospel through Church Libraries.




The National Church Library Association, originally Lutheran Church Library Association, was founded in 1958 by a gathering of lay people interested in furthering the growth of libraries in Lutheran churches.

Erwin E. John sparked the flame and became the first president and editor of its journal, Lutheran Libraries. He was supported in the venture first by Augsburg Publishing House and then also by the three other Lutheran publishers of the time, Augustana Book Concern, Muhlenburg Press, and Concordia Publishing House.

Over the next few decades, membership reached unprecedented heights. Local chapters took root and spread, providing valuable opportunities for networking and support. In time, Christian church libraries from all denominations were welcomed into membership.

In the fall of 2004, members voted overwhelmingly to rename the organization National Church Library Association. The name change came as an acknowledgment of the organization’s now ecumenical membership, as well as its desire to actively reach out to under-supported libraries across all Christian denominations.

Today, new resources and support programs are always under development at NCLA to serve the unique, evolving needs of the church librarian. A mentor program, conferences, recommended title lists, librarian guides, articles, new resource reviews, and program ideas are available to support and educate members. A newly expanded Web site and a vibrant, redesigned journal, now known as Libraries Alive, are among the most recent developments.

No longer financially supported by the Lutheran publishing houses, the organization relies on membership dues and gifts to support its ministry.

How to support NCLA




To strengthen and expand the ministry of NCLA, these long term objectives were adopted by NCLA in January 2005:

  • To establish a solid financial base with an organized fundraising plan and a foundation
  • To increase membership
  • To expand membership so that it reflects an ecumenical balance of Christian churches
  • To broaden member resources, materials, and programs
  • To establish relationships with related ministries and businesses
  • To increase visibility, recognition, and awareness of NCLA
  • To diversify and expand leadership
  • To review and revise organizational structures of NCLA
  • To strengthen and energize NCLA chapters
  • To utilize the Web site to disseminate information, facilitate conversations, and fulfill other essential organizational functions



Through membership in NCLA, church librarians receive publications, book lists, and a network of support from fellow librarians who share their dedication and enthusiasm for church libraries. But perhaps more importantly, members of NCLA are partners in a ministry that touches thousands of lives every day, through books, videos, music, and other programs.

Whether or not you are already a member, please consider supporting church library ministry by providing a donation to NCLA. You can support NCLA library ministry in any of the following ways:

  • By including NCLA and its member church libraries in your prayers.
  • By making an immediate donation to NCLA, in whatever amount you are able.
  • By becoming a Supporting Member, or requesting your church or business become a Supporting Member, by committing to an annual donation of $75 or more.
  • By providing in-kind services or donations of supplies to help reduce the costs of providing member services. Email NCLA to request our Wish List.
  • By making a larger donation to help grow NCLA endowment funds.

Please send donations to the address below. For more information, please contact Sue Benish, Executive Director, at the NCLA office.

Thank you for your partnership in spreading the Gospel through library ministry.



National Church Library Association thanks the following businesses for their support through Corporate Membership:

Abingdon Press   
Demco, Inc.  
Jaywill Software Development, Inc.    
Oasis Audio  
Surpass Software   
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.  
New Generation Technologies

Corporate members of NCLA receive a 20% discount on advertising along with special print and Website recognition as a preferred retailer and supporter of church libraries. Corporate Membership annual fee is $ 99.00. Contact NCLA for more information.




National Church Library Association
275 South Third Street
Suite 204
Stillwater MN 55082

Sue Benish, Executive Director





Kathleen H. Bowman, President 
Moe Conley
Gordon W. Duffy
Bev Etzelmueller
Sandra Neal
Sally Onstad
Sandy Sharps
Kay Smith


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Sue Benish




275 South Third Street, Suite 204
Stillwater, MN 55082

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