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Part V:  Dealing with challenged materials



A Handbook for Church Librarians, 2006 2nd revised edition
Everything you need to know to create, organize and manage a successful church library

Top librarians teamed to create this definitive reference guide for the church librarian. Within this essential companion, core areas of church library ministry are explored.

  • First steps to library ministry
  • Building a library team
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Selection strategy
  • Classifying and cataloging
  • Adding, processing and shelving new materials
  • The circulation cycle
  • Care and repair of books
  • Circulating videos, music, magazines and more
  • The automated church library
  • Creative promotional ideas
  • Planning and evaluating

An icon throughout the book indicates special information for automated libraries.

Also included are a glossary, fully updated subject headings, and the newest Dewey Decimal classifications-updated for church librarians-plus a section on useful print and online resources.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our book, A HANDBOOK FOR CHURCH LIBRARIANS, contact the Catholic Library Association: http://www.cathla.org