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Libraries Alive, the NCLA quarterly publication.
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other media, Internet resources, plus news of authors, chapter news, and
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Get help setting up a new library, finding and keeping volunteers, starting a storytime or summer reading program, planning a budget, organizing and weeding a neglected collection, or computerizing your library. Membership in NCLA offers you personal advice, printed materials, and online help to support and multiply your efforts.

View our recent 5-part series on Library Basics (pdf files):  

Part I: Writing your library's mission statement

Part II: Designing a materials selection policy

Part III: A good donation policy - a church librarian's best defense

Part IV: Weeding: your library will thrive on it

Part V: Dealing with challenged materials


A Handbook for Church Librarians, 2006 2nd revised edition
Everything you need to know to create, organize and manage a successful church library

Top librarians teamed to create this definitive reference guide for the church librarian. Within this essential companion, core areas of church library ministry are explored.

  • First steps to library ministry
  • Building a library team
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Selection strategy
  • Classifying and cataloging
  • Adding, processing and shelving new materials
  • The circulation cycle
  • Care and repair of books
  • Circulating videos, music, magazines and more
  • The automated church library
  • Creative promotional ideas
  • Planning and evaluating

An icon throughout the book indicates special information for automated libraries.

Also included are a glossary, fully updated subject headings, and the newest Dewey Decimal classifications-updated for church librarians-plus a section on useful print and online resources.

Ordering information:

To order a copy of A Handbook for Church Librarians, mail your request along with a check or money order to NCLA.

Retail price: $35.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling*)
Special NCLA member price: $21.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling*)

Special New Member price: Order within 90 days of joining NCLA and receive a 50% discount. New Member price: $17.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling*)

Mail your order and payment to:
National Church Library Association
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*Contact NCLA for shipping & handling rates outside the United States.


Personalized Support.
By phone, mail & e-mail.


Specific information sent to you at your request.
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Available to members, experienced church librarians are ready to help by offering friendly and personal assistance.

NCLA Mentors are available to help with:

  • Starting a church library
  • Revitalizing a church library
  • Cataloging
  • Computer Automation
  • Storytelling
  • Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Young Adult Resources
  • Weeding
  • Book groups
  • Music for your library
  • Circulation practices
  • And more!

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